"Be a reputed and trusted name among family business houses in India by upholding professional code of conduct in the pursuit of our goals and to be committed to taking up social responsibilities as a family in business."
"Grow in strength and class as a family owned business in diverse segments by developing family members, present and future, responsible for assuming responsibility of owning and running line of business befitting his/her taste and capability. "
s sectors in India and overseas.

Mr. P V Abdul Wahab, founder of the Group, started his Engineering tools business in UAE in the year 1982. Through hard work and perseverance he expanded this trading business by adding other industrial products mainly oil field products and opening new distribution and retail centers in UAE. 

The impressive growth in business led to diversify business portfolio into sectors and geography. He always emphasized improving his home country business portfolio development over overseas. 
The Group has now interests various business segments which includes, Automotive, Health care, Trading, Shipping and logistics, Plantation, Education, Construction, Real Estates etc. 

The Group runs a Trust, funded by the Group for carrying out charitable and socially relevant philanthropic activities.

Peevee Sons shall remain a family owned and operated business house with shared support services for strategic management decisions and governance at Group level to ensure excellence sustainable growth.

Peevee Sons offices are based in Calicut, Kerala, India.